Work With You - There is no point in working together if we don't get along. We'll meet and talk about what you want to do. We both need to understand the objective of the work. I'll tell you what I think is possible and I'll encourage you to challenge yourself - about your reasons and your wishes.
Keep aiming for the goal and missing? Goal posts keep moving? Not even sure where the goal is anymore? Firefighting every issue? Seeing people struggle knowing you could do better? Being effective is simple, if you know how.
Being effective is easy, if you have someone on your side helping you understand how to achieve more, Being effective can set you apart from your competition, if you take time to learn. Being effective often needs input and realistic goals.
Enter Custard Pie’s PCP Chief, Cook and Bottle Washer and Top Banana Peter Buglass. I am here to help you be more effective whatever that means to you personally. People and purpose first, everything else second is my mantra, is it yours?
Sometimes you need the RIGHT person to get stuff done. Often you need something more than the right person. They need to know the right thing to fix or solve. To know they have the power as well as the problem to solve. I know how to get the best out of people, because it’s always people first.