One man and his dog – that’s the company. The Chairman pictured here is Lottie. Somewhat superior and always in the comfiest seat. Her training is complete yet her knitting skills remain shoddy. I work with people I trust. It doesn’t matter if they are a one person company or a multi national – they have to be good at what they do – and have similar values.  
    Based in World Headquarters the company has international reach. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, or where in the world, if it’s people, company, or property based (and it’s worth asking even if it’s not) then if I can’t help I’ll know someone who can – and they’ll be at the top of their game.  
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I prefer to work with you and your team and won’t be introducing any Bob, Karen or Mo. But when you need a specialist you really need a specialist. And I’ve got lots of specialists in my black book and they’ll be accessible to you when we work together. I’m here to give YOU my full attention as regularly as you need it to achieve what we’ve set out to do.