I’ll tell you what I think. Every time. I like my colleagues to do the same. Some have said…..
“I've been in the Industry 29 years and in that time learned that the most important ingredient to a successful project is people.

Peter facilitates successful team relationships, he's akin to Ronseal Products - "It does what it says on the tin" - a recipe for a team that work happily together and achieve results!”

Andrew Rockett MRICS Cost Consultant to the Award-winning Space project
  “Having worked with Peter for a number of years on a number of challenging projects I have always found his approach, positive, helpful and questioning. He never assumes anything. In my experience this is a key quality, too many times I have seen projects and tasks bogged down dealing with an issue that in truth is not an issue at all. His questioning fresh approach has been welcomed on every occasion I have chosen to involve him. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for reviewing any business proposal or problem.”

Keith Miller
Miller Construction Services
  “Having worked for over a decade in education, including four years as a head teacher, I know what it takes to run an effective school. In 2014 I quit my job and set out to build an Edtech company that could help all schools succeed. Having underestimated the size of the task, I was fortunate to be introduced to Peter in 2015 and was immediately impressed by his warm, thoughtful approach. Since then Peter has been a constant support, guide and mentor; he has become an integral part of my journey to success. Always calm yet appropriately challenging, his insights into the complexities of turning a good idea into a self-sustaining business have been invaluable. Peter is a true business man for whom I have the utmost respect and gratitude.”

Paul Rose
Managing Director
YouTeachMe Ltd

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