This is the bit where I need to say stuff about me so that you have an idea as to my worth to you.


I don’t work on an hourly or day rate.

I charge for the value of the work. It has taken me over 45 years to amass the experience, knowledge and skills to be of use.

So, if you think my fee too high, talk to me about what can be left out of the work to fit your budget.

If you simply want to learn the skills please head over to where I offer training.


Someone once wrote about me:

An original thinker with a positive approach, driven to find the best solution, whilst recognizing the regulatory, legal, and commercial impact. Motivational and supportive as a leader, used to rebuilding teams and delivering results in tough situations. An active listener who uses plain and simple language to build belief and pursue new ideas. Designed, established and delivered projects, businesses, and buildings across a broad range of sectors. Calm and resilient in whatever the situation, with experience of the highs and lows of business life, Peter has the knowledge, skill, and contact base to deal with most business situations.

It was too good to not put here!


Custard-pies PCP Ltd started in 1998 as Custard-pie Properties Ltd. Through the company I have always supported others as an extra resource to their organisation. In recent years this has been more about business than property. My mantra in life is people first. It’s important to me to see others succeed. That’s why Custard-pies PCP was regenerated.


I’m a generalist. One with lots of experience born of being of a gentleman of a certain age. I’ve hopped across sectors (retail, property, construction, investment, education, manufacturing, software, social enterprise and lots more) but always had a mindset of putting people first makes an organisation better. From governance matters to strategic planning, pre-insolvency to training I approach it all with calmness and the ability to see what’s at play. Resolving disputes, rebuilding boards, helping companies to grow and coaching people are all strings to my bow.

It sounds like I am jack of all trades. Frankly that’s true. But I am great at getting people to deliver.